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Trading Company
Felicity Global Resources
Mr. Felicity Global Resources
21 surulere
lagos, Lagos
Tel: 234 234 8167535944
Fax: 234 234 0000341
Key Figures
Years in Business 22
Annual Revenue USD 2 - 5 Million
Employees 11 - 50
Company Profile
please we are felicity global resources, we are a multi national that has taken over 22 markets in africa, we deal majorly on electronics and spear parts of engine
Product(s) we Buy
[847510 ] Machines for Assembling Electric Lamps or Tubes, in Glass Envelopes
[847520 ] Machines for Manufacturing or Hot Working Glass or Glassware
[847590 ] Parts of Machines for Assembling Electric or Electronic Lamps or Tubes
[848510 ] Ships Propellers and Blades Thereof
[848590 ] Other Machinery Parts, Not Containing Electrical Features
[843910 ] Machinery for Making Pulp of Fibrous Cellulosic Material
[843920 ] Machinery for Making Paper or Paperboard
[843930 ] Machinery for Finishing Paper or Paperboard
[843991 ] Parts of Machinery for Making Pulp of Fibrous Cellulosic Material
[843999 ] Parts of Machinery for Making or Finishing Paper or Paperboard
[841210 ] Reaction Engines Other than Turbo-jets
[841221 ] Hydraulic Power Engines and Motors, Linear Acting
[841229 ] Other Hydraulic Power Engines and Motors
[841231 ] Pneumatic Power Engines and Motors, Linear Acting
[841239 ] Other Pneumatic Power Engines and Motors
[841280 ] Other Engines and Motors
[841290 ] Parts of Other Engines and Motors
[847110 ] Analogue or Hybrid Automatic Data Processing Machines
[847120 ] Digital Automatic Data Processing Machines
[847191 ] Digital Processing Units
[847192 ] Input or Output Units
[847193 ] Storage Units
[847199 ] Other Data Processing Machines
[846610 ] Tool Holders and Self-opening Dieheads
[846620 ] Work Holders
[846630 ] Dividing Heads and Other Special Attachments for Machine-tools
[846691 ] Parts and Accessories of Machine-tools for Working Mineral Materials
[846692 ] Parts, Accessories, of Machine-tools for Working Wood or Hard Materials
[846693 ] Parts, Accessories, of Machining Centres, Lathes or Planing Machines
[846694 ] Parts, Accessories, of Forging or Die-stamping Machines, of Draw-benches
Target Import Market(s)
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